Ultimate Range

Ultimate Care Bariatric (Firm) Mattress

  • Water-resistant, removable Mediplus cover with water-resistant zippers for optimum infection control.
  • Fresche® antimicrobial additive in the coating formulation of the cover delivers durable microbial control.
  • Hygroflex foam provides superior breathability, pressure relief and is OEKO-TEX® Certified.
  • CompriShield® treated foams for anti-microbial protection.
  • Edge support allows for added stability and ease of patient transfer.
  • Profile cuts in the edge allow optimum articulation when paired with an adjustable base.
  • Available in Plush, Medium and Bariatric comfort options

Key Features

Water Resistant Cover (OPTIONAL)

Water-resistant, removable Mediplus cover with water-resistant zippers provide optimum infection control. Designed to withstand regular cleaning.


Sensitive Choice Approved

A. H. Beard is the only bedding manufacturer with whole-of mattress approval from the National Asthma Council of Australia's Sensitive Choice program. Our mattresses provide long-term protection against dust mites and their allergens, mould and bacteria ensuring a healthy sleep environment.

TGA Medical Class 1 Compliant

The Health Rest range is approved by the TGA as Medical Device Class 1 compliant. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is part of the Australian Government Department of Health and is responsible for the regulation of therapeutic goods to ensure their safety, quality and effectiveness.

Hygroflex vs. Traditional Memory Foam

Greater pressure redistribution

Hygroflex has 30% greater envelopment area than traditional memory foam. High envelopment allows pressure to redistribute more evenly and over a larger surface.

Health Rest Mattress Pressure Mappin® Results

The A.H. Beard Health Rest Collection was tested using a medical grade smart bed pressure sensor. The results show that Hygroflex is more effective for pressure relief versus traditional memory foam.

1 Durability testing simulating normal use over an 8-10-year period resulted in a total height loss of approximately 1% and a hardness loss of less than 7% (on the medium feel mattress).

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