Napp FAQ

Are your Mattresses imported?

No, really pleased to say that the Napp Mattress is manufactured in New Zealand. The specific high quality materials we selected for our Napp Mattress are made by Joyce Foam in Australia - Australasia's biggest and most technologically advanced Foam manufacturer, a company Napp trusts 100% 

What are the exact sizes?

Single is 915 x 1880
King Single is 1070 x 2030 
Double is 1370 x 1880 
Queen is 1520 x 2030
King is 1680 x 2030 
Super King is 1830 x 2030 
Depth of all is 255mm

All four Adjustable Based models are the same sizes (flush with) as the Mattresses

How do I know it is right for me?

We are very confident that the Napp Mattress is going to suit the vast majority of New Zealanders. In fact, we are very confident you will love it. To be confident in your choice, we offer a 100 Night Sleep-Easy Guarantee. Don’t like it and we will arrange to have the mattress picked up and give you a full refund (or the value of the Mattress/es if you have combined with an Adjustable Base). We do ask that you try it for at least 35 days as it may take a little while to adjust to.

If I want to return it?

Please contact us to inform that you would like to have it picked up. If possible we will arrange to have Habitat for Humanity or the Salvation Army pick it up.

Does the Napp Mattress have springs?

No. Spring mattresses have been around a long time, over that time, other technology such as memory and gel infused foams have improved markedly in terms of; support, comfort, longevity, reducing partner disturbance and effect on the environment.

How does the Napp Mattress compare to other 'Mattress in a Boxes' available in NZ?

The obvious difference is the Napp Mattress is made in New Zealand by other New Zealanders, rather than just imported from China. Yes, that might make us a few dollars more but you can sleep easy with 100% confidence that the materials are actually what we say they are. Put your mind at rest also with a 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty - what value is a warranty from a company that only just started up? 

Only Napp has Hygroflex - the gold standard of foam comfort layers. As proven by University Research - your body will love the pressure point relief, ease of movement and temperature control of this unique product.  

Is the Napp Mattress good value?

Absolutely. Our design brief was to design an excellent mattress that ticks all the boxes and then get it to the New Zealand market at a great price. This has been achieved by removing the huge costs of bricks and mortar, sales commissions and expensive ‘sales’ advertising campaigns. In a Retail store, the Napp mattress would sit comfortably beside comparable memory foam mattresses that sell in the $2000 to $3000+ price bracket.

Napp with Electric Adjustable Base/s?

Perfect for the movement, flexibility required on an Adjustable Base. Now available in all sizes and in four models. 

How do I know that I am getting an Adjustable Bed where each side can be controlled individually? 

This, very popular option, is available from King size up (we don't offer it in Queen as each side is so narrow, significantly narrower than a regular Single). 

The selection image shows it as being Split. The Californian King + only comes in Split (effectively 2 x King Singles).

For a full description on the Split Sizes including recommended linen. Go to our Blog article: "New Zealand 'Split' Bed Sizes"


Is Napp environmentally friendly?

The foams in the Napp Mattress are of the highest quality and created by a world leading process that produces no CFCs or Auxiliary Blowing Agents and virtually no VOCs. They have been awarded the Australian Good Environmental Choice Ecolabel and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification.