Why choose a Napp Mattress?

Why choose a Napp Mattress?

Our Made in New Zealand Napp Mattress has been designed to have a medium feel, your body will love the comfort and the support it needs.

Developed with the experience of more than 40 years in the New Zealand Bed market, supported by a 121 year old family owned Australian Bed manufacturer (25 years in New Zealand) and market leading materials from Australasia's leading and most technologically advanced foam manufacturer - Joyce Foams. 

Pay less than half (even a third) of a comparable premium Mattress in a retail store and without any hassle. No risk to you either with our 100 Night-Sleep Easy Guarantee. 


The Napp mattress feel and support is created by three layers;

  • Hygroflex (exclusive) comfort - 5cm of exclusive Hygroflex. University Research shows that this foam is superior to other Memory Foams for pressure point relief, temperature control (breathability and staying cool) and ease of movement - you won't get that 'stuck in' feeling like other Memory Foams

  • Gel Infused Memory Foam comfort - 5cm of Gel Infused Memory Foam for added comfort. This high density Memory Foam is Gel Infused so it won’t overheat like many memory foams.

  • Support core - The high density foam support core provides comfortable support and durability, while minimising partner disturbance and roll together

  • All layers - Are hypoallergenic significantly reducing one of the key triggers of Asthma in the home. They come with CEGA - Good Environmental Choice Certification

  • Breathable Cover - Cool to touch European cover including Outlast©. This stretch knit cover will continually regulate your skin's micro-climate keeping you comfortable all night long. It is water resistant and is removable (zip off) for easy care. 




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To ensure you can sleep easy, this mattress offers five key benefits:

  • Superb comfort - Your body will be cradled by our unique combination of hygroflex comfort foam, gel infused memory foam and stretch fabric
  • The mattress has a base layer that supports the natural curvature of your body - not too firm, not too soft
  • No partner disturbance - virtually no movement what so ever, no disturbance = sleep better 
  • No roll together
  • Temperature Regulation - Once again our unique combination of materials allow air flow and reduce humidity, your body can maintain it's normal temperature 



    We support Habitat for Humanity

    We want to make a meaningful contribution to New Zealand families living in substandard housing. We donate returned/refunded mattresses to Habitat for Humanity New Zealand. Everybody deserves a great place to live.