Why Choose a Napp Mattress?

Why Choose a Napp Mattress?

Our Made in New Zealand Napp Mattress has been designed with the experience of thirty eight years in the New Zealand Bed retail market, supported by a 118 year old family owned Australian Bed manufacturer (22 years in New Zealand) and market leading materials from Australasia's leading and most technologically advanced foam manufacturer - Joyce Foams. 

We have cut through all the fluff and bluster to build a mattress we know you will love sleeping on. A mattress designed and made in New Zealand for New Zealanders.



The Napp mattress is made up of three distinct comfort layers;

  • Hyogroflex (exclusive) comfort - A generous layer of advanced temperature balancing comfort foam gently cradles your body, whilst allowing for easy movement during the night. Its excellent hygrothermal properties help to dissipate heat and humidity, for a more comfortable sleep. It is environmentally friendly and hypo-allergenic, making it perfect for asthmatics.
  • Pressure-relieving comfort - Gel Infused Memory Foam moulds to your curves. It’s pressure-relieving properties help to increase blood circulation, which reduces tossing and turning that can disrupt your sleep. This high density Memory Foam and Gel Infused so it won’t overheat like some memory foams.
  • Support core - The high density foam support core provides comfortable support and durability, while minimising partner disturbance.
  • Breathable Cover - Simple but stylish, the breathable stretch knit cover yields to allow the comfort layers to contour to your individual body shape. It is removable for easy care.



To ensure you can sleep easy, this mattress offers five key benefits:

  • Superb comfort - Your body will be cradled by our unique combination of indulge comfort foam, gel infused memory foam and stretch fabric
  • The mattress has a base layer that supports the natural curvature of your body - not too firm, not too soft
  • No partner disturbance - virtually no movement what so ever, no disturbance = sleep better 
  • No roll together
  • Temperature Regulation - Once again our unique combination of materials allow air flow and reduce humidity, your body can maintain it's normal temperature 



    We support habitat for humanity

    We want to make a meaningful contribution to New Zealand families living in substandard housing. For every 15 mattresses we sell we are going to donate one to Habitat for Humanity New Zealand. Everybody deserves a great place to live.