Looking for a deep and restful sleep? Explore our range of electric adjustable beds in NZ. We offer innovative adjustable bed frames with four premium, high-quality mattresses - all designed to improve sleep quality, comfort, and wellbeing. See our range below:

Our range includes 9 sizes across 4 models and 4 feels, discover the size guide here.

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Napp New ZealandENLIVEN Bed 141 reviews
Sale priceFrom $2,648.00 Regular price$2,890.00
Napp New ZealandINVIGORATE Bed 98 reviews
Sale priceFrom $3,790.00
Napp New ZealandENRICH Bed 32 reviews
Sale priceFrom $4,690.00
Napp New ZealandUPLIFT Bed 9 reviews
Sale priceFrom $5,780.00
ENLIVEN - Split Adjustable BedENLIVEN - Split Adjustable Bed
Napp New ZealandENLIVEN - Split Adjustable Bed 10 reviews
Sale priceFrom $5,198.00
INVIGORATE - Split Adjustable BedINVIGORATE - Split Adjustable Bed
Napp New ZealandINVIGORATE - Split Adjustable Bed 6 reviews
Sale priceFrom $7,390.00
ENRICH - Split Adjustable BedENRICH - Split Adjustable Bed
Napp New ZealandENRICH - Split Adjustable Bed 6 reviews
Sale priceFrom $9,290.00
UPLIFT - Split Adjustable Bed
Napp New ZealandUPLIFT - Split Adjustable Bed 2 reviews
Sale priceFrom $11,490.00
Save $292.00
RENEW - Split Adjustable BedRENEW - Split Adjustable Bed
Napp New ZealandRENEW - Split Adjustable Bed
Sale priceFrom $4,798.00 Regular price$5,090.00
The Ultimate Adjustable Bundle for CouplesThe Ultimate Adjustable Bundle for Couples
Invigorate Massage Adjustable Base in Queen sizeInvigorate Remote Control
Napp New ZealandINVIGORATE Base only 1 review
Sale priceFrom $2,800.00
ENRICH Base only
Napp New ZealandENRICH Base only
Sale priceFrom $3,750.00
UPLIFT Base only
Napp New ZealandUPLIFT Base only
Sale priceFrom $4,790.00

Buying the Perfect Adjustable Bed is Simple:

1. Decide which Napp Adjustable Bed Base is right for you.

Sleep tight at night with a Napp adjustable bed. We have four models to choose from: Refresh, Invigorate, Enrich and Uplift - each with unique features depending on your specific needs. From massage functions and under-bed lighting to adjustable lumbar support, we have you covered. Our adjustable beds offer supreme support, comfort, and convenience. Want to learn which one suits you best? Watch below:

2. Select Your Ideal Mattress.

Napp is proudly New Zealand-made. Our range includes four models, four feels and nine sizes. We have the Napp Original Mattress, Napp Prestige Plush Mattress, Napp Prestige Medium Mattress, and Napp Prestige Firm Mattress. Not sure which one is right for you? Watch our video below:

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Long Single Adjustable Bed – Perfect for a Small Room

91cm x 203 cm

All the benefits and comfort of an Adjustable Bed but without taking up much space.

Icon 2

King Single Adjustable Bed – Perfect for Solo Sleepers

107cm x 203cm

Make it a solo slumber party and get personalised comfort with ample space to sprawl out and unwind.

Icon 3

Double Adjustable Bed – Solo Sleepers that like to Stretch Across the Bed!

137cm x 188 cm

Plenty of width for the sleeper that isn’t too tall. Or, a very cosy option for couples!

Icon 4

Queen Adjustable Bed – Luxury for One or Cozy for Two

152cm x 203cm

Super Spacious for solo spreaders or couples who are happy to adjust to the same position.

Icon 5

Split King Adjustable Bed – Independent Comfort for Bedtime Duos

168cm x 203cm (with 2x Half King Mattresses)

Each side adjusts independently so couples with different preferences can find perfect comfort.

Icon 6

Split Super King Adjustable Bed – Personalised Comfort for Unique Sleeping Needs

182cm x 203cm (with 2x Long Single Mattresses)

The ideal option for discerning sleepers with unique sleeping needs. Each side adjusts for ultimate comfort.

Icon 7

Split Californian King+ Adjustable Bed – Spacious Luxury and Personalised Complete Comfort & Relaxation

214cm (wide) x 203cm (with 2x King Single Mattresses)

Luxuriously wide, this bed is perfect for couples who appreciate ample room and California-style comfort.

Icon 8

King Adjustable Bed – For the Ultimate Sleep Escape

168cm x 203cm

Indulge in sprawling comfort, perfect for solo sleepers or couples who wish to be on one Mattress

Icon 9

Super King Adjustable Bed – Spacious Relaxation for Big Families

182cm x 203cm

A spacious bed perfect for co-sleeping parents or those who simply love extra wiggle room on the Super King Mattress

Still need help? Find your perfect Napp bed by trying our quiz.

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