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 Very similar in features to our most popular Base/Bed, the Invigorate, however, a deeper, nicer looking base with only the top section of it adjusting.

PLUS, with added Adjustable Lumbar Support;

The section of the base that is below your lower-mid back is where the adjustment occurs. Via the remote control, an upward curve is created, this can be as little as just a cm or two, or right through to 15cm elevation. You would obviously adjust to what feels best for your back. Some customers use the full curve for a while when they first get into bed to create a stretch for the lower back and then change to a more moderate position for sleeping.

The lumbar adjustment can be created no matter where you have the rest of the bed, i.e. If the head and/or foot end was also raised. On the Split models, the level of extra support is specific to each side.

Of course, to be effective, you do need a Mattress that is specifically designed for Adjustable Bases, such as our Napp Original or Napp Prestige Hybrid range.

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