Napp Adjustable Beds vs Perfect Fit/As Seen on TV/Bambillo

Napp Adjustable Beds vs Perfect Fit/As Seen on TV/Bambillo

Sharing my view point on this, yes biased, but have tried to make it as balanced as possible!

I have never phoned Perfect Fit/As Seen on TV/Bambillo Beds... I have had plenty (more than 10 anyway!) of potential and actual Napp customers tell me about their experience in doing so...

If you are going to call them;

A. Be prepared to be on the phone for a long time

B. Be prepared for a high pressure 'sales experience'

C. Perhaps have a pre-planned excuse for why you have to end the call...

The Key differences between Napp Adjustable Beds and ASOT Beds?


The Information gathering experience;

Napp - Most of our information is on the Napp Website, you can seek further information via Email, FB Message and 0800 Phone Call

As Seen On TV (ASOT) Bed - Some information is in their TV/Newspaper Ads/Website. Anything extra, including pricing, you need to phone them for. You can of course Google them... some of the information/reviews you will find there are enlightening! There is a regular 50% off offer, that is 50% off a price that is never published


The Ordering experience;

Napp - Basically the same as above, collate the information and choose to or not to purchase a Napp Bed - there is no hard sell whatsoever. 

ASOT Bed - It is all about the 'Sales system/process'. This might sound harsh, but Harry Wormwood, the Used Car Salesman/Father of Matilda in the Roald Dahl book, springs to mind when I think of the sales people on the other end of the phone


The Adjustable Base; 

The ASOT Base does the trick, older technology than the Napp Invigorate and less functions than the Enrich and Uplift. Does offer some 'one push' positions and Massage (which of course they have a fancier name for)

The Napp Bases; the REFRESH doesn't have Massage but the head and foot move exactly as you would want and it has one push Zero G and Flat with an incredibly user friendly remote

The INVIGORATE is ahead of both; Massage including 'Wave', Four 'one push' positions, USB Ports, controllable LED Under Bed Lights, Memory Positions and Wall Saver. 

Our newer models, the ENRICH and UPLIFT have extra features that ASOT simply don't offer. 


The Mattress itself;

The ASOT Mattress has a Firm or Medium/Soft Feel, is Made in China, questionable quality base layer of Foam and top layer of Gel Memory Foam

The Napp Mattress has a Medium Feel, is Made in New Zealand with undeniably good quality and safe foams by Joyce Foams in Australia. High Density Foam Base layer, Gel Memory Foam in the middle and top layer of Hygroflex Foam - the new 'Gold Standard' in Memory Foam - open cell structure for Breathing/Temperature Control, Superior Pressure Point Relief and Superior Ease of Movement (you don't get that stuck in feeling)


The Pricing;

BIG differences here...

Napp is totally transparent, the prices are listed, there is very little in the way of Sales... just EVERYDAY great prices and thousands less than the equivalent Perfect Fit Bed (size and type)

ASOT has an interesting price structure, they claim early in the phone call that their Split Super King is worth 22k... yes, you can pay that for an Adjustable Bed, but to suggest their bed is worth that is ridiculous. They will then go to half price and keep whittling it down (to around 8K I believe) if you stay on the phone long enough. It is a bit scary to think that some people would say 'yes' when the price is up at 10K+  


The Warranty;

ASOT has a 10 Year Warranty, presumably they service the Warranty from their Australian headquarters

Napp has a 10 Year Warranty on the Base and Mattress. It is a Manufacturers Warranty - The A.H.Beard family has been operating in the Bed Industry for over 120 Years. A.H.Beard has had their NZ factory for more than 20 years.


The Trial/Sleep Guarantee;

ASOT does have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so fair play to them for that. However, the pressure will go on for NO return. If you do get them to accept the return, you need to pay the return freight (after already having paid for the delivery out to you). That 30 Day Money Back Guarantee could cost you $1000 ($500 delivery and $500 return freight are commonly quoted). 

Napp does a 100 Night Sleep Easy Guarantee on the Napp Mattress part of an Adjustable Bed order. This is the unknown part of the order, you can see from the information provided and product video what the particular Adjustable base is going to do. If the Mattress (or Mattresses with a Split Model) doesn't work for you, let us know and we (or Habitat for Humanity/Salvation Army) will arrange to pick it/them up and refund you fully for that part of the order. You are then free to select any other Mattress suitable for an Adjustable Base (if you didn't like the Napp, you would be looking for something quite firm or quite soft).

As Napp does on a regular basis for ACC, we can offer by arrangement a full return guarantee