NZ Bed Sizes

NZ Bed Sizes

All NZ bed sizes, right here and including the 'less well known' category - Split sizes. 

The smallest Mattress we offer is your standard Single - 91cm x 188cm. 

The smallest Adjustable Bed is a Long Single - 91cm x 203cm. Why not standard single? When you articulate the Adjustable Bed, lets say the very comfortable Zero Gravity position for example, you effectively shorten it. For most people a standard single Adjustable Bed would leave their feet poking out the end!

King Single is a popular size for individuals - doesn't take up much room, yet room to stretch out - 107cm x 203cm.

Double - 137cm x 188cm, has been around a long time and amazing to think now that this was the most popular size for couples! Now, definitely more popular for individuals, plenty of room to stretch out, but not for anyone tallish! 

Queen fits into that category of just enough room for a couple (not if you have young kids!) or plenty of room for an individual - 152cm x 203cm

King - 168cm x 203cm. Unique to NZ, can be referred to as NZ King. Nowadays, just as popular as Queen for couples. 

Split King - Overall 168cm x 203cm - Each side 84cm x 203cm 

Each side has the same length as a Queen/King, but narrower than a standard Single.

This is why we would never recommend a Split Queen, each side of a Split Queen is super narrow, even narrower than a camp stretcher!

This size bed is most popular for couples wanting the benefit of individual control of each side of their Adjustable Bed, but don't have a large main bedroom. 

Super King - 182cm x 203cm. A bit more room for a couple to stretch out and even accomodate the youngest of the kids or the spoilt family dog. Easier to find a frame for than King size as it is the same size as an 'Australian King'.

Split Super King - Overall 183cm x 203cm - Each side 91cm x 203cm 

This is the most popular size for Split size Adjustable Beds. In simple terms, it is 2 x Long Singles, kept together by attaching the bases, or for electric Adjustables, simply the weight of the bases keeps them together.

Good space for each partner and if you need/want to, can be separated into two Long Single Beds 

Split Californian King Plus Overall 214cm x 203cm - Each side 107cm x 203cm

Note the 'Plus' or sometimes just the + symbol is used. This is a BIG bed, bigger than a normal Californian King.

Definitely increasing in popularity and will fit into decent sized Master Bedrooms. It is essentially 2 x King Singles. As big as it is, if you were looking for a single sized bed for yourself you would almost certainly choose a King Single, so why not one each for you and your partner if you have the space?