Looking for a deep and restful sleep? Explore our range of electric adjustable beds in NZ. We offer innovative adjustable bed frames with four premium, high-quality mattresses - all designed to improve sleep quality, comfort, and wellbeing. See our range below:

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Napp Original MattressNapp Original Mattress
Napp New ZealandNapp Original Mattress 145 reviews
Sale priceFrom $900.00
Save $25.00
Mattress ProtectorsMattress Protectors
Napp New ZealandMattress Protectors 27 reviews
Sale priceFrom $95.00 Regular price$120.00
Napp New ZealandINVIGORATE Bed 98 reviews
Sale priceFrom $3,790.00
NZ Made Sheets for Adjustable BedsNZ Made Sheets for Adjustable Beds
Napp New ZealandNZ Made Sheets for Adjustable Beds 10 reviews
Sale priceFrom $89.00

2 colors available

Save $242.00
Napp New ZealandENLIVEN Bed 141 reviews
Sale priceFrom $2,648.00 Regular price$2,890.00
Napp New ZealandENRICH Bed 32 reviews
Sale priceFrom $4,690.00
Save $14.50
Kahukura SheetsKahukura Sheets
Napp New Zealand Kahukura Sheets 15 reviews
Sale priceFrom $275.50 Regular price$290.00
The Ultimate Adjustable Bundle for CouplesThe Ultimate Adjustable Bundle for Couples
Napp New Zealand Upgrade your Mattress 5 reviews
Sale price$200.00
Upgrade your Mattress - Split - Side 1Upgrade your Mattress - Split - Side 1
Upgrade your Mattress - Split - Side 2Upgrade your Mattress - Split - Side 2
Save $358.00
Napp HeadboardsNapp Headboards
Napp New Zealand Napp Headboards 9 reviews
Sale priceFrom $537.00 Regular price$895.00

6 colors available

Napp New ZealandUPLIFT Bed 9 reviews
Sale priceFrom $5,780.00
Save $141.00
The Split Linen BundleThe Split Linen Bundle
Napp New Zealand The Split Linen Bundle 6 reviews
Sale price$449.00 Regular price$590.00
ENLIVEN - Split Adjustable BedENLIVEN - Split Adjustable Bed
Napp New ZealandENLIVEN - Split Adjustable Bed 10 reviews
Sale priceFrom $5,198.00
INVIGORATE - Split Adjustable BedINVIGORATE - Split Adjustable Bed
Napp New ZealandINVIGORATE - Split Adjustable Bed 6 reviews
Sale priceFrom $7,390.00
Castor Wheels SetCastor Wheels Set
Napp New Zealand Castor Wheels Set 1 review
Sale price$98.00
ENRICH - Split Adjustable BedENRICH - Split Adjustable Bed
Napp New ZealandENRICH - Split Adjustable Bed 6 reviews
Sale priceFrom $9,290.00
Napp Prestige Medium MattressNapp Prestige Medium Mattress
Napp New ZealandNapp Prestige Medium Mattress 3 reviews
Sale priceFrom $1,190.00
Napp Prestige PLUSH MattressNapp Prestige PLUSH Mattress
Napp New ZealandNapp Prestige PLUSH Mattress 2 reviews
Sale priceFrom $1,190.00
King Koil Classic Pillow x 2 (pair)King Koil Classic Pillow x 2 (pair)
Safety RailSafety Rail
Napp New Zealand Safety Rail 2 reviews
Sale price$248.00
King Koil Classic PillowKing Koil Classic Pillow
Napp New Zealand King Koil Classic Pillow 1 review
Sale price$149.00
UPLIFT - Split Adjustable Bed
Napp New ZealandUPLIFT - Split Adjustable Bed 2 reviews
Sale priceFrom $11,490.00


Select Your ideal Mattress

Napp is proudly New Zealand-made. Our range includes four models, four feels, and nince sizes. We have the Napp Original Mattress, Napp Prestige Plush Mattress, Napp Prestige Medium Mattress, and Napp Prestige Firm Mattress. Not sure which one is right for you? Watch our video below:

Which Napp Adjustable Bed is Right for you?

Sleep tight at night with a Napp adjustable bed. We have four models to choose from: Refresh, Invigorate, Enrich, and Uplift – each with unique features depending on your specific needs. From massage functions and under-bed lighting to adjustable lumbar support, we have you covered. Our adjustable beds offer supreme support, comfort, and convenience. Want to learn which one suits you best? Watch below:

Invest in Good Quality Sleep with Napp Adjustable Beds

Upgrade your sleep routine and enhance your wellbeing with an electric adjustable bed from Napp. Say goodbye to nagging back pain and snoring and enjoy improved sleep quality, independence, and convenience, especially for limited mobility. Our mattresses and electric beds can help enhance circulation and stimulate relaxation. Enjoy personalised comfort, improved health benefits, and the freedom to customise your sleep position with ease. Embrace the future of sleep and discover the remarkable difference an electric adjustable bed can make in your life. Buy one today.